"4GOT10 Magazine is a print rap culture publication, focused on giving creatives underground the platform to tell their story in an authentic way. We like making physcial products because they can live on coffee tables, around the world, in stores, in magazine stands. When a magazine gets sold, it's everybody's story getting out into the world."

"Same way that Lyrical lemonade started his music videos, now evolved into what it is today. Magazines is where it's starting and who knows where it'll go" - Mike


Back in the middle of 2021, Billy had brought up the idea to me that he and another ambitious creative called Mike, wanted to create a youth magazine. At the time, we had no clue how big it would get, and how worldwide it would become.

I had the absolute pleasure of helping Billy design the back cover of the VERY FIRST volume of 4GOT10. A memory and an experience I will treasure always.


Around early November in 2022, I was asked by Billy to come back and draw the front cover of this volumes magazine.

And of course, I accepted.

They had a solid idea and sketch already made, they just needed someone to execute it and finalise their vision.

After multiple check-ins and reviews, I turned in the final version in early January 2023 and it was revealed to the world in early February.


In late August 2023, I began the very very early sketch for the 4GOT10 X Yung Bans collaboration. It was to celebrate the upcoming release of Bans' Volume 6 EP. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous. The style of work was not my norm as I had greatly improved and I specialised in portraits by this time.

Every review was sent to Yung Bans and it relaxed me every time it came back that he loved it.

The original idea was so different to how the cover turned out! However, it was always centred around growth in character and elevation.

Once we had established the final idea, it was my responsibility to pull it together, tell a story and add my crazy artistic flair on top.