Getting YOUR work in a Gallery (2024)

Getting YOUR work in a Gallery (2024)

On the 12th January 2024, for the first time ever, my work was exhibited at an East London Gallery called 'The Holy Art Gallery.

Before this point, I was applying for ANY gallery, ANY exhibition, anything that would at LEAST consider digital artwork, let alone portraits of US musicians whose names, if I ever mentioned to anyone in London, would be met with a silence of disconnect.

So when that acceptance email came through, you can imagine how ecstatic I was, hopes were high, but did I really know what I was getting myself into? Of course not, and that was the beauty of it. Honestly, I was using scenes of such scenarios that I had seen in movies...

It is only today that I can confidently say that there is no feeling similar to seeing your artwork on the wall. The frames that were once resting against your kitchen counters, the frames you had bubble wrapped to prepare for transportation, now hanging on a brick wall waiting for hundreds of people to set their eyes on it.

the holy art gallery featuring artwork from diffusedrap

When I entered that gallery and discovered my work tucked cosily in the back left corner, everything else disappeared and I was in awe; the world went quiet and everything I had dreamed of since I had started drawing around 4 or 5 years prior, came to life and was presented right in front of me.

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